Plan your home

The most frequently asked question we receive is… “How much do you cost per square foot to build”?

Many home builders often put their “best foot forward” when advertising square foot cost.  The important thing for potential home buyers is to identify what the advertised pricing includes.

The following are just a few of the many questions future homebuyers should consider when discussing square footage cost with home builders:

- What type of foundation is included?
- For example a slab, crawlspace, or basement and what material is used for these types of foundations.
- Is the grading included?
- Some builders only include grading for approximately a 25’ perimeter around the house in order to meet drainage requirements.
- Is seeding and landscaping included?
- Are driveways and sidewalks included?
- Are well and septic included?
- Are covered porches, decks and garages included?
- What type of exterior finishes are standard?
- Brick, vinyl, hardi board, stone, stucco, etc.?
- What type of flooring is included?
- Are the appliances included?
- Are cabinet’s plywood or particle board?
- Are toilet accessories included?
- What finish is standard for plumbing fixtures, door hardware, and lighting?

The Yadkin Valley Home way:

Yadkin Valley Homes does not price homes by the square foot.  We take the time to consult with our client and develop a detailed estimate based on specific design requirements. We price the home our clients want from the beginning so they will not incur additional costs during construction.

Home buyers can be assured that contract prices are generated from detailed estimates and will accurately reflect construction costs for the home the buyer desires.